Day Four of the Tabasco 10 Ingredient Blogger challenge and today I’ve made you Spicy Maple and Tabasco Hard Candies. (If you’re wondering what the Tabasco 10 Ingredient Blogger Challenge is, check out my first post on Spicy Chocolate Meringue Cookies to get the details.) I’ve really been enjoying the challenge. Yesterday I mentioned how I liked the creative challenge of working within the specified ingredients, but I’m also getting a kick out of seeing what everyone else has come up with. For instance, Meredith of In Sock Monkey Slippers posted a recipe for Sea Salt and Tomato Vinegar Eggplant Fries, which I thought was pretty genius. Ditto for Megan’s Tabasco Mexican Hot Chocolate Magic Shell ice cream topping on

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 Here it is, Wednesday, hump day of the week-long Tabasco 10 Ingredient Blogger Challenge (see Monday’s post on Spicy Chocolate Meringue Cookies for the full breakdown of the challenge). So far we’ve done cookies and seafood and now we’re on to a vegetarian casserole of eggplant and tomato sauce. Usually my consumption of eggplant involves some kind of cheese or pasta, so it took me a minute to decide what to use the eggplant for other than a straight up roasted or grilled eggplant. I was pondering the idea of an eggplant tomato stack and then was into contemplating layers, which led me to this casserole, which is kind of like a lasagna, where eggplant is used instead of pasta. While

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Hey Team, it’s Day 2 of the Tabasco 10 Challenge and today we have a Maple Tabasco Glazed Tuna. If you’re just checking in today are wondering what the Tabasco 10 Ingredient Blogger Challenge is, you can check out the whole explanation in yesterday’s post on Spicy Chocolate Meringue Cookies. But the short of it is that Tabasco has challenged ten bloggers to create five recipes using only 10 pre-approved ingredients. I like this concept. I love having the freedom to cook whatever I want on a day-to-day basis, but it’s kind of fun to have to puzzle out how to work within the proscribed limitations. It’s kind of like how it was much easier to write a paper on

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Okay, so I’ve been a little absent lately. All of a sudden life got real and busy and I got a little behind on things. So, in recompense, you get 5 blog posts this week. Yep. 5 whole blog posts, all of which will involve Tabasco sauce. “Why Tabasco?” you ask. Well, friends, because they issued me a challenge. The Tabasco 10 Ingredient Challenge, to be precise. Pursuant to the terms of the challenge, I am one of ten bloggers who will be developing and posting five recipes this week, all of which are comprised only of the following ingredients: (1) Tabasco Original Red Sauce, (2) Swordfish or Tuna, (3) Brioche, (4) Eggs, (5) Any two of Mint, Basil or

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