This pie feels tastes success. Like triumph and victory. See, I’ve been in a serious pie slump. One week I went through 4 batches of pie dough and nothing turned out right. I don’t know if my house was too hot, if I worked the dough too much or too little or what, but it was one massive fail after the other. There was a lot of pie anger. Some strong language and a little forceful throwing of par-cooked pie dough into the trash. This continued right up through this past weekend when the crust of one pie just melted off the sides of the pie plate and straight onto the bottom of my step-mom’s pristine oven. At least the

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 A few weeks ago I drove down to Miami for the 2014 BlogHer Food Conference. In case you were wondering, it’s a bit of a haul from Atlanta to Miami. This was my first time at any of the BlogHer conferences and I had a really good time. For those of your who might wonder what goes on at a food blogger conference, let me take a minute to briefly tell you about it. The conference brought together food bloggers from all over the country (and probably some from outside of the US as well) and featured speakers and breakout sessions on topics ranging from how to deal with the press, next moves in a food career and how to

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 My first memory of eating cheese grits is seated at my Great Aunt Frances’ breakfast table. The table was tucked in a little alcove of the kitchen and afforded a view of the long, narrow room, where Aunt Frances busied herself at the stove, preparing breakfast for four hungry, pajama-clad little girls. As I was living in Wisconsin at that point in my life, it was during these visits to Memphis when I was introduced to staples of Southern fare. Aunt Frances’ table introduced me to not only my first cheese grits, but my first biscuits with sausage gravy and watermelon sprinkled with salt, among many other things. My grandmother was not the best cook in the world and I

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I confess. I’m a little obsessed. Ever since I went to Paper Plane and split the deconstructed grapefruit pie with my friend Shannon, I can’t get enough of grapefruit. On a completely reasonable level, I’ve taken to squeezing a grapefruit and mixing it with sparkling water for a tasty and refreshing beverage. On a the more ridiculous side of things, I’ve made four grapefruit pies. Yep. Four. One grapefruit meringue. One grapefruit “key lime-style” pie. Two chess pies. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.   Okay, as with the pimento cheese, if you’ve never lived in the South you may be wondering what in the world a chess pie is. A chess pie falls in the range

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