I’m making an effort to eat less processed food, but every once in a while I find myself out and about and am starving. And I’m not a pleasant hungry person — I go into total meltdown. Dark Vader’s got nuthin’ on a hangry Morgan. In order to prevent my inevitable turn to the dark side, I’ve been carrying around some protein bars from the grocery store, but they tend to violate the “real word” rule. (yes, I know that chemical names are real words, but you get the point.) So I decided to make some granola bars for myself that I could have readily available for grabbing on my way out the door, for those mornings when making breakfast just

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If you ever had any doubt that I live in the South, now is the time to shed them, for today I bring you that treasure of the Southern states: Pimento Cheese. Seriously, while somewhat obscure above the Mason-Dixon line, down here pimento cheese is used in increasingly inventive ways. The most common use is as a dip or spread for crackers, chips or crudité. However, you’ll see pimento cheese in restaurants as fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, burger toppings, stuffing for jalapeño poppers or chicken…the possibilities are endless. I’ll admit, I was a little wary about this when growing up. We were living in New Jersey and it’s not like any of my friends were eating pimento cheese. It took

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I was out at my dad’s house last weekend. Every so often I get treated to pancakes while I’m there, but most of the time breakfast at Dad’s involves juice, coffee, fruit, yogurt and granola. Not a bad start to the day. One of the things I find interesting though, is that Dad and my step-mom each have their own granola. Dad likes the granola that comes in large pieces that have been broken from a large sheet of granola, almost like large granola bars, while my step-mom tends to eat granola that is closer to cereal in that it consists of smaller clusters. I generally eat whatever is out in front of me. Sometimes I make eggs. So this

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My friend, Jen, had a “Welcome Fall” party the other week. I’m always thrilled by the opportunity to feed people, so I offered to bring something with me, perhaps a pumpkin treat? Jen laughed at this, because she had just been thinking about the same thing. Thus,  I was given the assignment of bringing a pumpkin dessert, of some variety, as an offering to the autumn party gods. But what to make? I’ve tried several times to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies as good as the ones at Whole Foods, but haven’t quite nailed it yet, so gave it another shot. The cookies came out good, but not quite Whole Foods excellent, so I decided to overachieve and make a

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