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 What? You didn’t think I was serious about getting my holiday on? That’s hilarious. I love the whole holiday season. The smells, lights, music, shiny pretty things…it’s all pretty much designed to inject happy straight into my veins. But you know what I’ve never really been into? Green bean casserole. It’s one of those quintessential Thanksgiving dishes, but something about the mixture of tinned green beans, canned cream of mushroom soup and that weird container of shelf-stable onions straws just creeps me out. However, I know that many of my friends love green bean casserole, so I decided to see if I could come up with a version made from scratch that would get rid of my casserole heebie-jeebies. I

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So, yes, I realize that brussels sprouts might seen like an odd choice for a Mother’s Day post, but my mom really loves them so I’m rolling with it. As a kid, I avoided brussels sprouts like the plague, but I’ve grown into a total lover of the little green sprout. While I usually like to roast brussels sprouts, I’ve recently been experimenting with using them raw. This is my favorite of the raw incarnations, thus far: a bright, tangy salad with salty slivers of parmesan cheese and prosciutto (or pancetta or bacon, if you’re not feeling vegetarian) to round out the lemony, dijon brightness of the dressing. Mom and I had a similar salad when out to dinner at

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I admit it. I’m a beet convert. I used to turn up my nose at beets, convinced that they were just terrible, but I really don’t know why. Honestly, I can’t remember ever having tried beets so as to form that opinion. All I know is that I had it fixed in my head that beets were about as awful as liver and should be avoided at all costs. As it turns out, I was wrong about beets. (I’m sticking with my opinion of liver though.) Beets are magical vegetables: sweet, bright purple (occasionally gold) and packed with all kinds of antioxidants and other good stuff. Yep. I’m a convert. I picked up a few beets at the store the

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“Remembering the purple shadows of the lawn, the majesty of the colonnades, and the dream of your youth, you may say in your reverence and thankfulness: I have worn the honors of honor. I graduated from Virginia.” James Hay Jr. Excerpt from The Honor Men. I could go on and on about UVA and how much I love it, but I’m going to narrow the love fest down for you. I’ll always cherish my education, my time spent on the beautiful grounds, the nights hanging lights in our makeshift theater…but I will carry the friendships I made at UVA with me for the rest of my life.  I have an incredible group of friends who are kind, funny, smart, nerdy,

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