“What the hell is fish sauce…and why does it taste like death?” – Monti Carlo, Masterchef Season 3 I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of Thai food. It’s tangy, sweet, funky, coconutty, savory, spicy…all kinds of good things wrapped up into one. One day I decided I should learn how to make Thai food rather than relying on take out from my local place. I started investigating different recipes and ingredients and then called my brother one day while perusing the Thai ingredients in the grocery store. “Hey Matt, what is fish sauce?” Now, what I’m about to do is for your own good, because what my brother told me can’t be forgotten. I’m not going

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 I acquired a waffle iron last week. As you can imagine, there have been a few waffles consumed at Chez Morgan since then. Not Belgian or Liege waffles, but straight up, Eggo-style waffles. As a kid, I consumed waffles on a regular basis. So much so that my grandfather used to call me the “Waffle Kid.” As an adult, waffles are an infrequent occurrence. Every once in a while I pick up a box from the frozen section at the store and gleefully indulge in a few days of waffle bliss, but if going sweet for breakfast, tend to opt for pancakes. Probably because I didn’t have a waffle iron. Well, now I have an iron and am loving it.

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  It all started with the desire to write a letter. Unable to find nice stationary at my house without the words “Thank You” emblazoned across the front, I voyaged over to the Paper Source store in the Virginia Highlands. As I discovered there, while note cards are plentiful these days, actual stationary is not.  At least Crane & Co still has a few choices out there, which, while not super exciting, are classic and in good taste. So I acquired my stationary and, noticing that it was quite a lovely evening, decided to take a walk around the area and check out some of the other shops. As it turns out, there’s an Italian Deli almost right next door

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So there’s this myth floating around the internet that our taste buds change every 7 years. I say “myth,” because my very brief research into this matter has yielded no scientific evidence to support that particular claim, so I can’t buy into it. However, after having read a bunch of abstracts for sciencey articles that contain terms like “psychophysical,” I accept the premise that our perceptions of how things taste changes over time.


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