I’ve had rabbit twice recently, both times in a restaurant. The first time the rabbit was tender, mild and slightly sweet. Delicious. The second time the rabbit was tough and gamey. Not very appealing. Having never cooked rabbit myself, I was curious about how something so mild and delicate at one place could be so strong and gamey at the next. Well, one day I found myself at a local butchers shop called The Spotted Trotter and the butcher mentioned that they had a rabbit sausage in the back. This led to a discussion of my recent rabbit dining experiences and I found myself walking out of the shop with a whole rabbit. With the rabbit came new found motivation

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The first batches of sweet white Georgia corn are coming in and I’m psyched. The corn is so sweet and tender that it doesn’t even need to be cooked, although I do love a little fabulous caramelization on some sautéed corn. Yum. So clearly I grabbed some of the corn when I saw it at the market. I also had a bunch of green onions on hand from my CSA box and so decided to experiment with making a risotto. I’m a big fan of the TV show Master Chef (seriously, I have to keep  myself from saying risotto “ris-ah-to” like Gordon Ramsey) and it always makes me nuts when the contestants can’t make a good basic risotto. I have

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