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Alright, Team. Halloween is over, the leaves are actually changing in Georgia and it’s November…That’s right. It’s Thanksgiving season. Game on. I thought I’d get the turkey day ball rolling with my these cranberry galettes, because, well, I like baking. I also really like baking with cranberries. I think it’s something about how vibrant cranberries are. I mean, the color alone is just gorgeous. Then there’s the flavor – super tart with a hint of bitterness. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that cranberries are unabashedly what they are, which is a trait I admire in life. Speaking of being unabashedly oneself, I’ve been watching an Australian television show lately called the Miss Fisher Mysteries, a period

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This pie feels tastes success. Like triumph and victory. See, I’ve been in a serious pie slump. One week I went through 4 batches of pie dough and nothing turned out right. I don’t know if my house was too hot, if I worked the dough too much or too little or what, but it was one massive fail after the other. There was a lot of pie anger. Some strong language and a little forceful throwing of par-cooked pie dough into the trash. This continued right up through this past weekend when the crust of one pie just melted off the sides of the pie plate and straight onto the bottom of my step-mom’s pristine oven. At least the

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Well, it would appear that winter has finally relinquished Atlanta from its icy grasp.* The sun has been out, everything is in bloom, allergies are intense and it is definitely patio happy hour season. Furthermore, the grocery stores are packed with Florida strawberries. I know this is still a southern phenomenon, because my Mom is sounding more and more envious each time I talk to her and convey the newest tidbit of sunshine and strawberries.   Since strawberries have finally come into season and are all of a sudden like 3 containers for $5, my fridge is pretty stocked with them these days. I sit there gazing at the bright red berries in the store and just can’t resist. The

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I confess. I’m a little obsessed. Ever since I went to Paper Plane and split the deconstructed grapefruit pie with my friend Shannon, I can’t get enough of grapefruit. On a completely reasonable level, I’ve taken to squeezing a grapefruit and mixing it with sparkling water for a tasty and refreshing beverage. On a the more ridiculous side of things, I’ve made four grapefruit pies. Yep. Four. One grapefruit meringue. One grapefruit “key lime-style” pie. Two chess pies. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.   Okay, as with the pimento cheese, if you’ve never lived in the South you may be wondering what in the world a chess pie is. A chess pie falls in the range

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