May 1 is National Salad Day, and appears to be brought to you by Dole, which has a new line of salad products. I actually had to go to two different grocery stores to find the Dole salad bags, because apparently Publix doesn’t carry them. Kroger does. Consider yourself informed. I went with the spring mix salad blend and topped it with lots of fresh veggies, chicken and a buttermilk avocado dressing. Included among the fresh veggies are roasted radishes. What? You’ve never had cooked radishes before? Well, neither had I, which is a shame because they are delicious. When roasted, the radishes take on a mellow, sweet flavor and can basically be used in the place of roasted new

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I had a problem this past Sunday. I needed a vegetable recipe for week 8 of the Very Veggie Challenge and I was feeling absolutely uninspired. Beyond the lack of inspiration, I had worked my way through all the fresh produce so all I had on hand was an onion and a head of garlic. It had been a clean out the fridge and freezer sort of weekend – I made poultry stock, chicken soup, pasta, cookies, a cake etc. But no veggies. I stood with my fridge and freezer doors open, mothers everywhere cringed at the escaping cold air, and stared into the depths of my freezer. There, in the back, I spied a bag that looked like…could it

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  If you made the OMG Roast Chicken the other day, you might have leftovers now that could be made into yet more tasty dishes. Or you could just want this dish and run out and buy a roasted chicken from the grocery store…whichever. This dish hearkens from the oh so wonderful cookbook A Bird in the Oven and Then Some, by Mindy Fox. I know I mentioned this book in the roast chicken post, but it bears mentioning again. Not only does this book contain recipes for the actual roast chicken, but also recipes for sides to go with the chicken, salads and dishes containing the chicken, soups and so much more. Wonderful. So this dish is actually really

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