This pie feels tastes success. Like triumph and victory. See, I’ve been in a serious pie slump. One week I went through 4 batches of pie dough and nothing turned out right. I don’t know if my house was too hot, if I worked the dough too much or too little or what, but it was one massive fail after the other. There was a lot of pie anger. Some strong language and a little forceful throwing of par-cooked pie dough into the trash. This continued right up through this past weekend when the crust of one pie just melted off the sides of the pie plate and straight onto the bottom of my step-mom’s pristine oven. At least the

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Oven Ribs with Homemade Peach BBQ Sauce | Peaches Please

Every summer my dad and I go through the process of making some good, classic Memphis pulled pork barbecue. In fact, that’s what we did for the 4th of July. The meat went on the grill at 10 pm on the 3rd and we took turns getting up through the night, tromping across a field to where the smoker/grill is stationed next to the barn, stoking the fire, basting the meat and then hustling back across the field to crawl back into bed. It’s a process, but it’s worth it. However, it’s not a process I’m willing to go through all that often. Sometimes I want some sticky, tender pork deliciousness without sleep deprivation. Sometimes I don’t even feel like

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I’m making an effort to eat less processed food, but every once in a while I find myself out and about and am starving. And I’m not a pleasant hungry person — I go into total meltdown. Dark Vader’s got nuthin’ on a hangry Morgan. In order to prevent my inevitable turn to the dark side, I’ve been carrying around some protein bars from the grocery store, but they tend to violate the “real word” rule. (yes, I know that chemical names are real words, but you get the point.) So I decided to make some granola bars for myself that I could have readily available for grabbing on my way out the door, for those mornings when making breakfast just

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10 Ways You Know You’re an Atlantan: 1. You will do anything to avoid 75/85 at rush hour. Anything. 2. Your knowledge of Georgia geography stops dead at the loop, with a built in exception for Athens. 3. You can pronounce DeKalb properly (De-cab. Like a taxi.). 4. You know that Peachtree and West Peachtree are, in fact, two separate streets and not just different ends of the same street. 5. You’ve been to the Clermont Lounge. More than once. 6. When giving directions, you use Waffle House as a reference point. 7. You’ve had school and work cancelled because the weather report says it might snow. 8. You understand that speed limits inside the loop are “more like guidelines.”

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