So there’s this myth floating around the internet that our taste buds change every 7 years. I say “myth,” because my very brief research into this matter has yielded no scientific evidence to support that particular claim, so I can’t buy into it. However, after having read a bunch of abstracts for sciencey articles that contain terms like “psychophysical,” I accept the premise that our perceptions of how things taste changes over time.


              “So I bought a fryer the other day,” she admitted sheepishly, “just a little one. I promise.” In a time when everyone is trying to eat more healthfully, it seems a little decadent and impractical to buy a fryer. I mean, I’m on the try to be healthier bandwagon, I just don’t blog often about healthy stuff because it’s less fun.  I felt oddly guilty about buying a fryer, like people were going to judge me and make comments about fried Oreos and such. But buy a fryer I did. In fact, I bought a little baby Cuisinart Fryer (it’s little and cute!).


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