Things I really like: cinnamon, pork and Mexican food. Put these three things together and you have a trifecta of YES for my taste buds. I figured this out the first time I ordered carnitas at El Matador, my local Mexican joint, and quickly became a little obsessed. Yep, it’s gotten to the point where I’ll only order things on the menu that include the amazing, addictive cinnamon-laced pork. Except cheese dip. Don’t worry queso, I just can’t quit you. However, it eventually occurred to me that I was spending a lot of time at El Matador and having also been the victim of surprise carnitas cravings more than once when the restaurant wasn’t open, I decided that I should

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My dad once told me of a dessert in which he had indulged, once upon a time in Mexico. A simple dessert, but one for which he could not keep the enthusiasm out of his voice. After years of hearing about this mythical concoction, I decided to bring it to life. The method of simmering a can of condensed milk until it caramelizes turns out to be pretty popular. It takes a whole (2 to 2.5 hours), but it’s super easy and comes out like dulce de leche. So, really good. Also, this dessert is really good. The citrus of the pineapple cuts the sweetness of the caramel and a dusting of salt just brings out all the flavors. Simple

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There’s a tapas restaurant in New York called Cafe Ronda, which was is just down the street from where my friend, Meghan, used to live. We would sometimes go there and get a pitcher of sangria and share several small plates. Cafe Ronda is where I discovered elote. Elote is a mexican corn grilled and then rolled in goodness. It often makes an appearance as street food at fairs and whatnot and it exceedingly delicious. It is also, as I have discovered, easy to make. Game on. Corn on the Cob Cotija Cheese, grated mayonnaise chile powder or paprika lime (optional)   Cook up the corn however you’d like.  I fired up the grill and used that to cook the

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