Sous Vide: defn. Under Vacuum; French. So as you may have discerned by now, I’m a bit of a foodie. Unsurprisingly, I not only love to eat and cook, I also like farmer’s markets, cooking classes and Top Chef. My brother went to culinary school and actually knew some of the contestants, which was pretty cool. It’s also nice having the reality check from my brother. It’s so easy to think “Whatever, that’s not too hard. I could do that.” My brother calls me each week after Top Chef airs and we talk about what happened on the episode. He elaborates on a lot of what happened during each episode and puts exactly what those chefs are doing into perspective.

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I love a good steak sandwich, and one of my favorite cuts of meat for the sandwich is skirt steak. A naturally tough piece of meat, skirt steak is full of flavor and takes to marinade like a fish to water. I particularly like Alton Brown’s marinade, which can be found at the food network website, and have slightly adapted it to my own use. I generally don’t need much on my sandwich other than the meat, so long as there is good bread as well. I just like to add a little grilled or sauteed onion and a little bit of mayo to keep everything moist. As you may have realized, I’m particularly fond of food in the sandwich

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So in keeping with the spirit of yesterday’s post about tzatziki, I decided that lamb would be the appropriate follow up. My best friend keeps telling me that lamb isn’t food, but I have to disagree.   Lamb is just bursting with flavor and is the perfect accompaniment to most mediterannean or middle eastern dishes. Yes, I know that lambs are cute little fluff balls, but they’re also delicious. This recipe is a pretty basic lamb kabob with a marinade, but the addition of using the rosemary twigs as skewers I got from a recipe on They’re really pretty and look all fancy shmancy, but they also a big pain in the behind to use, so if you go that route…be

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I first made this dish for my brother’s birthday about 10 years ago. I have always loved filet mignon because of the tender cut of the meat. However, because filets tend to have less flavor than the other cuts of beef, it is a good meat for adding flavor. I like the blue cheese in the middle because it has so much punch, but if that’s not your thing, maybe some garlic or rosemary butter, or, if you’re feeling really fancy, some fois gras…I don’t particularly like fois gras, but I hear there are people out there who do. filet mignon (however many you choose) blue cheese olive oil salt pepper rosemary Special Tools: stove top & oven proof pan, tooth

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