Things I really like: cinnamon, pork and Mexican food. Put these three things together and you have a trifecta of YES for my taste buds. I figured this out the first time I ordered carnitas at El Matador, my local Mexican joint, and quickly became a little obsessed. Yep, it’s gotten to the point where I’ll only order things on the menu that include the amazing, addictive cinnamon-laced pork. Except cheese dip. Don’t worry queso, I just can’t quit you. However, it eventually occurred to me that I was spending a lot of time at El Matador and having also been the victim of surprise carnitas cravings more than once when the restaurant wasn’t open, I decided that I should

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 I’ve had rabbit twice recently, both times in a restaurant. The first time the rabbit was tender, mild and slightly sweet. Delicious. The second time the rabbit was tough and gamey. Not very appealing. Having never cooked rabbit myself, I was curious about how something so mild and delicate at one place could be so strong and gamey at the next. Well, one day I found myself at a local butchers shop called The Spotted Trotter and the butcher mentioned that they had a rabbit sausage in the back. This led to a discussion of my recent rabbit dining experiences and I found myself walking out of the shop with a whole rabbit. With the rabbit came new found motivation

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I always think it’s kind of funny that meatloaf is always considered such an American staple because I had never tried it until I was in college. It’s not like I had actively avoided meatloaf. It just wasn’t on our meal rotation at home and, since something about combining the words meat and loaf really turned me off, I never ordered it when out and about.  I also don’t eat Wendy’s hamburgers. There’s just something unnatural about a square hamburger. So the first time I ate meatloaf was at my friend Brian’s house. My group of friends from high school would all come home from college and descend on one of our poor parents’ homes to make dinner and clean

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Sous Vide Lamb-64

Oh lamb. How lovely you are. Such a tender, wonderful meat. The trouble with lamb is that is can be tricky to cook. It’s a balancing act between keeping the lamb as pink throughout as possible without leaving that dark red rare spot in the middle. Fortunately, there’s a solution to that. Cooking the lamb sous vide enables you to cook the meat to a perfect medium/medium rare pink throughout and then all you have to do is sear it or stick under a broiler briefly to finish off the lamb. If you aren’t familiar with the sous vide method of cooking, check out my sous vide pulled pork post here. I spent some time contemplating what to serve with

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