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So I admit it. I’m a little late with this post. I should have slapped this puppy up the second the calendar flipped from August to September. Alas. However, we have a month of Thanksgiving goodness ahead of us and, therefore, at least another genuine month of pumpkin goodness. So let’s make it a great 4 weeks and step up our pumpkin game with some fresh, homemade pumpkin puree. Don’t get me wrong, the canned stuff is pretty good and I use it all the time. However, sometimes I just feel like upping the ante and making my puree from scratch. And what better time to do that than Thanksgiving – that joyous time when the entire family comes together

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I always think it’s kind of funny that meatloaf is always considered such an American staple because I had never tried it until I was in college. It’s not like I had actively avoided meatloaf. It just wasn’t on our meal rotation at home and, since something about combining the words meat and loaf really turned me off, I never ordered it when out and about.  I also don’t eat Wendy’s hamburgers. There’s just something unnatural about a square hamburger. So the first time I ate meatloaf was at my friend Brian’s house. My group of friends from high school would all come home from college and descend on one of our poor parents’ homes to make dinner and clean

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Well, the very veggie challenge of 2013 is finished, but I’m still working on ways to incorporate more veg into my diet. I don’t think I did a post on asparagus during the VVC, because I typically just saute the spears in a little olive oil and throw in a dash of salt & pepper. Sometimes I add lemon, but on the whole, it’s a fairly simple process and it felt a bit like cheating to do an entire blog post on sauteed asparagus. However, asparagus is coming in to season and I really love it, so instead of focusing mainly on the vegetable, today we have a dish that incorporates the asparagus into a savory, lemony, healthy dish. Chicken

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As you may have noticed, when I was younger, there was a lot of food I refused to recognize as such. Olives were among these “foods.” I couldn’t stand them. Then, later in life, I realized that my earlier prejudice was  born out of the fact that I had only been exposed to pre-sliced, canned, black olives. Now, these are fine if you want to grind them up as a component of a dip or marinade, but alone they are pretty gross. As I’ve discovered, the quality of the olives matters a great deal. Good olives are fruity, briny, rich and sweet, all in one. They are delicious.


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