So here’s something exciting: today is the first day of the Mixed Conference for Food Bloggers and I’m super excited. I get to participate in a workshop with Helen Dujardin of Tartelette (she’s also the author of the book Plate to Pixel) and Tami Hardeman-Boutte of Running with Tweezers (yeah ATL)! I’m so excited. However, since you can’t be at the conference with me, I’ve made you a Cranberry Chicken Salad. Since I was going out of town for the conference, I wanted to try to use up the perishable food in my refrigerator before I left. I had a bunch of odds and ends left over from Friendsgiving the other weekend and decided to throw them together to make

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Ah Thanksgiving. Family drama aside, the only thing better than Thanksgiving dinner is Thanksgiving leftovers. Seriously, I live for day after turkey sandwich, topped with cranberry sauce and gravy and, if you’re lucky, some awesome stuffing. So good. However, turkey sandwiches are not exempt from the law of diminishing returns and, eventually, you might get sandwiched out. But don’t worry, that just means you get to think of new and fun things to do with your leftover turkey! Last year I made turkey pot pies, but this year I decided to go for a tetrazzini. Less messing around with dough, more immediate gratification.


I’ve been taking some photography courses with Emory University over the last year and this past course met from 6:30 to 9pm on Tuesdays. As you might be thinking right now, 6:30 to 9 covers pretty much the entire span of dinnertime. Sometimes I grab dinner on the way and distract everyone else in class with my munching, but I didn’t have the time to do that before the last class. So instead, I was left trying to cover the not so subtle rumbling of my tummy as the clock approached 7:30, let alone 9:20, which is when we actually ended class. (Note – it is incredibly gracious and admirable of my teacher to want to stay and teach us

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  If you made the OMG Roast Chicken the other day, you might have leftovers now that could be made into yet more tasty dishes. Or you could just want this dish and run out and buy a roasted chicken from the grocery store…whichever. This dish hearkens from the oh so wonderful cookbook A Bird in the Oven and Then Some, by Mindy Fox. I know I mentioned this book in the roast chicken post, but it bears mentioning again. Not only does this book contain recipes for the actual roast chicken, but also recipes for sides to go with the chicken, salads and dishes containing the chicken, soups and so much more. Wonderful. So this dish is actually really

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