A review of Atlanta Midtown restaurant Veni Vidi Vici


Okay, I admit that I’m still a little obsessed with homemade ricotta cheese and keep looking for new ways to use it. I’m also a big fan of hummus. I tend to munch on it using chips, carrots, pita or whatever is convenient as a handy scooping mechanism. So, after much pondering and staring listlessly into the refrigerator, I decided to make a hummus-esque dip with the ricotta cheese.


Ricotta Cheese. Creamy, smooshy, dreamy homemade ricotta cheese. There’s nothing like it. There’s certainly nothing like it sitting on the shelf at your local chain grocery store. Those shelves are stocked with soulless tubs of skim milk ricotta which is a sad sad shadow of what ricotta can be. I used grocery store ricotta for years, but had mostly relegated it for use as a filler in lasagna or in the odd dessert. It certainly lends a lovely quality to pasta dishes and whatnot, but I never understood the appeal of ricotta as the shining star of a dish. (That’s right, Gordon Ramsey, the shining star of this dish.) I actually remember how one of the South Beach Diet “approved

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The first batches of sweet white Georgia corn are coming in and I’m psyched. The corn is so sweet and tender that it doesn’t even need to be cooked, although I do love a little fabulous caramelization on some sautéed corn. Yum. So clearly I grabbed some of the corn when I saw it at the market. I also had a bunch of green onions on hand from my CSA box and so decided to experiment with making a risotto. I’m a big fan of the TV show Master Chef (seriously, I have to keep  myself from saying risotto “ris-ah-to” like Gordon Ramsey) and it always makes me nuts when the contestants can’t make a good basic risotto. I have

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