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The last tomato has been pulverized, the last photograph has been captured, all the images have been edited and my kitchen is an unholy terror with dishes precariously stacked on every available surface. That’s right. It’s Friday, the fifth and last day of the Tabasco 10 Ingredient Blogger Challenge. 10 bloggers posting 5 recipes in 5 days using only the 10 permitted ingredients (plus salt, pepper, oil and sugar). So on this, the last day of the Tabasco 10 Challenge, I’ve made a chilled tomato soup from yellow cherry tomatoes and topped it with a Tabasco granita, brioche croutons and basil-cilantro oil. I know, it’s all fancy and stuff. It makes a tasty and refreshing summer lunch, the icy tabasco

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I have a confession. I try to eat high quality, organic, whole foods as much as I can. I’m trying, really, I am. But it’s Super Bowl season – the season of chips and dip, chicken wings, casseroles made from buffalo sauce and Doritos… it’s all so tempting and awful, but amazing. So here’s my confession: I love hotdogs. Like a lot. And you know what’s even better than a plain old hotdog? A hotdog wrapped in delicious dough or batter and then cooked.

marinated mushrooms-0615

So, while perusing James Peterson’s book Vegetables, I came across this recipe for marinated mushrooms. Mushrooms are a fairly recent addition to my culinary repertoire. For a long time I was really creeped out by mushrooms, but along the way I’ve taken a nibble here and there and have been cautiously surprised. One mushroom format I’ve really come to enjoy is the marinated mushroom – the kind they serve with charcuterie or really good parmesan cheese in nice Italian restaurants. So naturally, I was pretty excited about this recipe and made it immediately. It was great with some good cheese and olives. Also, it was later good in an omelet and then in bordelaise sauce. Many useful applications.


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