I had a problem this past Sunday. I needed a vegetable recipe for week 8 of the Very Veggie Challenge and I was feeling absolutely uninspired. Beyond the lack of inspiration, I had worked my way through all the fresh produce so all I had on hand was an onion and a head of garlic. It had been a clean out the fridge and freezer sort of weekend – I made poultry stock, chicken soup, pasta, cookies, a cake etc. But no veggies. I stood with my fridge and freezer doors open, mothers everywhere cringed at the escaping cold air, and stared into the depths of my freezer. There, in the back, I spied a bag that looked like…could it

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Okay, so I realize that this may not be the most glamorous or exotic of posts, but toasty ham and cheese pitas are one of my favorite lazy dinners.  My dad used to make them for me when I was little and I remember being very impressed with this bit of culinary prowess.


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