Where I grew up, folk weren’t really into canning vegetables or making fresh fruit preserves. Canning was the province of Laura Ingles or Marilla Cuthbert; something done by the characters in the books I read.  So you can imagine my delight, much later in life, when I realized that canning was something that people actually still do. I found this charming and fun, but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. The whole process seemed mysterious and complicated; filled with bubbling cauldrons and beakers and the secret arts of the rustic grandmother. So I was intrigued and filled with wonder, but also fear, for I was not an initiate in these ways. Then, one year, my step-mom made jam. I was

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It’s still strawberry and rhubarb season! (Woohoo!). I thought that, since this season can be so brief, I should take advantage of it by making more strawberry rhubarb baked goods. Mmmmm. These bars also include fresh ginger, along with other delicious spices, to make these bars not only sweet and tangy, but a little spicy as well, in that saucy way that ginger has. As with most things I make, I passed some over the fence to my neighbor and her kidlets thoroughly approved.


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