The last tomato has been pulverized, the last photograph has been captured, all the images have been edited and my kitchen is an unholy terror with dishes precariously stacked on every available surface. That’s right. It’s Friday, the fifth and last day of the Tabasco 10 Ingredient Blogger Challenge. 10 bloggers posting 5 recipes in 5 days using only the 10 permitted ingredients (plus salt, pepper, oil and sugar). So on this, the last day of the Tabasco 10 Challenge, I’ve made a chilled tomato soup from yellow cherry tomatoes and topped it with a Tabasco granita, brioche croutons and basil-cilantro oil. I know, it’s all fancy and stuff. It makes a tasty and refreshing summer lunch, the icy tabasco

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 I’m pretty sure I’ve previously mentioned Thomas Sweet, the ice cream shop where I grew up. However, I may not have mentioned that my absolute favorite ice cream flavor of theirs is Cinnamon Cookies and Cream. I know, right? Amazing. I’m kind of a cinnamon aficionado to begin with, so combining the wonderfulness of cinnamon with cookies and cream ice cream is downright genius, in my book. As amazing as this flavor is, you’d think it would be in the normal rotation. Alas, no. It is a rare and elusive creature, acquired only through luck and good timing. Whenever I’m home, I swing by T. Sweets to see if I happen to catch one of those glorious days when Cinnamon

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Do you remember the Alton Brown tv show “Good Eats” on the Feed Network? I was quite the devotee and therefore I jumped at the opportunity to go see his traveling variety show: The Edible, Inevitable Tour.  I brought my father along and we made a daddy-daughter date of the whole thing, but poor Dad. He hadn’t watched Good Eats and really had no idea of what he was in for. Little did he know that he would be sitting in the Fox Theater surrounded by cheering, laughing and possibly intoxicated folks from whom enthusiasm for Alton Brown just radiated. It was a bit like a rock concert for cooking geeks.


I picked up another basket of peaches at a farmer’s stand the other day, so I decided to make Peach Ice Cream, which is a first time endeavor for me. I always keep my kitchenaid ice cream bowl in the freezer. Just in case. I also have to thank my friend, Scott, for being awesome and giving me that ice cream attachment for birthday/christmas a few years ago.


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