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There are few things I enjoy more than taking a beautiful, healthy vegetable and doctoring it up with cream and cheese. It’s like luring¬† something pure and wholesome to the dark side and it makes me feel all contrary and rebellious. I’m such a bad ass. But hey, if ever there’s a time to go for broke and bring on the cream, cheese and butter, then Thanksgiving is it. A day during which we give thanks for the good things and people in our lives and then we stuff ourselves silly. Why not give thanks for some creamy goodness while we’re at it? And this is some rich, cheesy,creamy goodness. Creamed Brussels Sprouts   Save Print A decadent, creamy brussels

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Every once in a while there a dreary, rainy day that just begs for a hot, rich, rustic dinner. Yesterday was one of those days. I arrived at home after work craving warmth and comfort. One of the great things about the holiday season is I have things like cream, herbs and good bread readily available in my kitchen because I’m cooking so often. This is usually a promising start for a comfort dinner.


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