So here’s something exciting: today is the first day of the Mixed Conference for Food Bloggers and I’m super excited. I get to participate in a workshop with Helen Dujardin of Tartelette (she’s also the author of the book Plate to Pixel) and Tami Hardeman-Boutte of Running with Tweezers (yeah ATL)! I’m so excited. However, since you can’t be at the conference with me, I’ve made you a Cranberry Chicken Salad. Since I was going out of town for the conference, I wanted to try to use up the perishable food in my refrigerator before I left. I had a bunch of odds and ends left over from Friendsgiving the other weekend and decided to throw them together to make

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I found this recipe on a blog called Turmuric & Saffron, which specializes in Persian dishes. I’ve always loved the delicious yellow rice at persian restaurants and now I’ve finally learned how to make it!  Usually I’ve seen the dish with raisins, but the cranberries add a lovely sweetness to the dish. It takes a little while to cook, but is very worth it in the end. Plus it’s super pretty.


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