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I’ll always wonder why my school never offered (or required) a home economics class. We took shop class as part of the standard curriculum and were later offered electives such as architecture, theater, dance, ceramics, photography, studio art, jazz band, choir etc. But where was the class that taught you how to sew back on that errant button or boil water for pasta? Don’t get me wrong, we were writing papers in middle school. I was well prepared for the academics of college. I spent an enormous amount of time in the theater and took shop multiple times; I can wield an electric drill with the best of them. But so many people I knew went to college never having

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies | Peaches Please ‎

I’m a little obsessed with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Ever since that day in law school when I stumbled across a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie in the Briarcliff Whole Foods I’ve craved them. And I don’t mean that random craving you have once in a while. I always wanted those cookies. Always. I used to buy them in bulk during the holidays and freeze them so I could have them  year round. I’m not kidding. This naturally leads to the impulse to bake with pumpkin and chocolate chips which, while held in check most of the year, I unleash in the fall. I’m not sure why it occurred to me to try making a pumpkin meringue cookie, but I sure

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Okay, so I’ve been a little absent lately. All of a sudden life got real and busy and I got a little behind on things. So, in recompense, you get 5 blog posts this week. Yep. 5 whole blog posts, all of which will involve Tabasco sauce. “Why Tabasco?” you ask. Well, friends, because they issued me a challenge. The Tabasco 10 Ingredient Challenge, to be precise. Pursuant to the terms of the challenge, I am one of ten bloggers who will be developing and posting five recipes this week, all of which are comprised only of the following ingredients: (1) Tabasco Original Red Sauce, (2) Swordfish or Tuna, (3) Brioche, (4) Eggs, (5) Any two of Mint, Basil or

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Do you remember the Alton Brown tv show “Good Eats” on the Feed Network? I was quite the devotee and therefore I jumped at the opportunity to go see his traveling variety show: The Edible, Inevitable Tour.  I brought my father along and we made a daddy-daughter date of the whole thing, but poor Dad. He hadn’t watched Good Eats and really had no idea of what he was in for. Little did he know that he would be sitting in the Fox Theater surrounded by cheering, laughing and possibly intoxicated folks from whom enthusiasm for Alton Brown just radiated. It was a bit like a rock concert for cooking geeks.


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