It all started with the desire to write a letter. Unable to find nice stationary at my house without the words “Thank You” emblazoned across the front, I voyaged over to the Paper Source store in the Virginia Highlands. As I discovered there, while note cards are plentiful these days, actual stationary is not.  At least Crane & Co still has a few choices out there, which, while not super exciting, are classic and in good taste. So I acquired my stationary and, noticing that it was quite a lovely evening, decided to take a walk around the area and check out some of the other shops. As it turns out, there’s an Italian Deli almost right next door

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  I live in cycles. I go on kicks where all I want to do for months is bake. Sometimes I’m just in to canning. Right now I’m into meat. Maybe my body is protesting the way I pretty much ignored the concept of protein during various baking binges, or perhaps there’s something about spring that makes me want to eat cute little animals, but I’ve just been cooking way more meat than I usually do. I’ve been seeing a lot of sticky, Asian-inspired drumsticks floating around the blogosphere lately, and was craving some sticky, sweet & spicy drumsticks of my own. So instead of going Asian with all the soy and whatnot, I went Sriracha. The spicy Sriracha mixes

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So here’s something exciting: today is the first day of the Mixed Conference for Food Bloggers and I’m super excited. I get to participate in a workshop with Helen Dujardin of Tartelette (she’s also the author of the book Plate to Pixel) and Tami Hardeman-Boutte of Running with Tweezers (yeah ATL)! I’m so excited. However, since you can’t be at the conference with me, I’ve made you a Cranberry Chicken Salad. Since I was going out of town for the conference, I wanted to try to use up the perishable food in my refrigerator before I left. I had a bunch of odds and ends left over from Friendsgiving the other weekend and decided to throw them together to make

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As part of my prep for writing this blog post, I started looking back over old posts. I was going to start out with the whole, “I’m picky about fish” thing, but, looking back, I realized I’ve never written about how all that started. “Wait a sec,” you might interject before I get going, “what does fish have to do with buffalo wings?” Well, notice how these are Old Bay Buffalo Wings? My foodie pen pal this month is from Maryland and sent me Old Bay, along with some Old Bay seasoned goodies. If you’ve missed out on the whole foodie pen pal thing, you can catch up here. I’ve challenged myself to cook something from something my foodie pen

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