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Yep. It’s a Halloween mummy cake, a pun and a Doctor Who joke all in one. You have no idea how happy that makes me.  It’s also a damn tasty piece of deliciousness with a light, tender chocolate stout cake within and a silky, fluffy swiss meringue buttercream without. What flavor is the buttercream? Well, mostly vanilla, but with a hint of rum and grand marnier. Basically, this cake is a whole bevy of good things. And don’t let the mummy decorations mislead you, this cake is good at any time of year. It’s just that it’s Halloween and I felt like jumping on the celebration bandwagon. Okay, that’s a lie. Really this post is about a little television show

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I found myself with a cache of very ripe bananas the other day and wanted to do something with them other than banana bread, which is my usual go-to recipe in this scenario. So I decided to make a cake instead. I started with my mom’s banana bread recipe and played around with the ratios and techniques to make a cake batter. And what a cake it makes. It’s a sturdy, banana-ey cake that is perfect for slicing into layers for an awesome and unexpected cake. Then I was faced with the question of what frosting to make. I contemplated a bourbon-vanilla bean frosting, which I’m now determined to make, but in the end decided to go classic with chocolate.

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 I went down to Savannah and St. Simon’s last weekend for my friends’ wedding. While there on St. Simon’s, I went to dinner with some friends at a place called Barbara Jeans. And when I say I met up with friends for dinner, I mean that I was super late and rushed into the place as they were all getting their food and I stole half of a crab cake. Yeah. As we were finishing up, Jennifer asked the server for a serving of “Chocolate Mess” to go. Intrigued, I inquired about this “chocolate mess” and Jennifer assured me that it was pretty much the best thing ever. And then, when the server set down two Styrofoam cups, one filled

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I found out about it pretty late; a mere 4 days before it was to happen. Make 2 dozen, the email read. So do I act as a rational person would and make 2 dozen cookies or brownies? No. I had to make mini pound cakes. 7 batches, 28 mini small pound cakes and 5 hours of sleep later I showed up at the Ansley Mall Cook’s Warehouse toting a sheet pan piled high with the little, but heavy loafs pretty glazed and packaged. Why, you ask. Why did you put yourself through that? Well, there are a few answers to that question. First, it was for a good cause. I made the pound cakes for the No Kids Hungry

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