A few weeks ago I drove down to Miami for the 2014 BlogHer Food Conference. In case you were wondering, it’s a bit of a haul from Atlanta to Miami. This was my first time at any of the BlogHer conferences and I had a really good time. For those of your who might wonder what goes on at a food blogger conference, let me take a minute to briefly tell you about it. The conference brought together food bloggers from all over the country (and probably some from outside of the US as well) and featured speakers and breakout sessions on topics ranging from how to deal with the press, next moves in a food career and how to

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I’m kind of in to quinoa (keen-wah) these days. What is quinoa? Well, according to wikipedia, it is a “psudocereal,” but is not a proper cereal or grain because it is not a member of the “true grass family.” Whatever. Basically, it’s a grain, even if it technically isn’t one. I usually cook it like rice and serve it as a supper side, or throw some veg or fruit and whatnot in it to make a cold salad. It’s versatile and easy to prepare, which is always a bonus. What’s really neat about quinoa though, aside from tastiness and versatility, is that it is a complete protein, a good source of protein, fiber and calcium, and is gluten-free. Neato. (That’s

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As we start to get into the realm of Thanksgiving, I think it is important to discuss the mashed potato. When I was a teenager, we used to come back home after dances for a girly sleepover, but would be famished. For some reason, we went through this phase where all we wanted as our late night snack was boxed mashed potatoes. Well, boxed mashed potatoes and cookie dough. And then we watched Clueless. I mean, come on, we were a pack of teenage girls. As an quasi-adult, I tried one night to recapture the delight of those potatoes while, once again, watching Clueless. While the joy of watching Paul Rudd be adorable has not diminished, my appreciation of the

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Well, it’s the Fourth of July and I can’t think of a breakfast more American than pancakes smothered in butter and syrup. Therefore, today I present to you CIA Buttermilk Pancakes! (I know, CIA makes it sounds really exciting, but it stands for Culinary Institute of America.) I really enjoy the ritual of making pancakes. For me, it evokes a feeling of lazy sundays at home in pajamas. I long ago eschewed store bought mixes and went to pancakes from scratch as it’s really not that much more work and the end product is so much better. The real trick is making sure to have real buttermilk on hand. In my opinion, that’s what really separates a mix from pancakes

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