There was this restaurant where I grew up called PJ’s Pancake House. It was one of these great hole in the wall places with everyone’s names and initials carved into the tables, a great short order cook, pancakes à la mode and so much grease soaked into the walls that the it must have suffered at least two fires over the years. With the fires came remodeling and, while the carved table tops remain, the place has somewhat moved away from its divey roots. The last time I was there, I was stunned and kind of saddened to find that I could order a cappuccino. This just wasn’t the PJ’s I knew as a kid. However, the line still runs out

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  Happy Galentine’s Day! What’s Galentine’s Day? Well, apparently it’s “only the best day of the year,” according to Leslie from Parks & Recreation. The Galentine’s Day episode is in the second season of the series and I’m only in the first, so I’m not totally in the loop. However, the internet seems to be doing a pretty good job of filling in the blanks with all kinds of fun memes, such as the one over at


I’ve been feeling my southern lately and recently had a hankering for grits. There’s a restaurant in Watkinsville, GA called The Big Easy that has a delicious grits breakfast called a Zinger. A zinger is basically a bowl of grits topped with bacon, cheese and a fried egg. I generally add tomatoes and onions as well, so I decided to take a page out of The Big Easy’s book and put all that deliciousness into one dish.


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