I know, it’s still September; waaaay to early for gingerbread. But hey, I like gingerbread. It makes me happy. So gingerbread bars we have. I actually made these bad boys for a contest run by Dixie Crystals and Mixed, which is a food blogger’s conference I’m attending in November. It’s a fun conference. It takes place at the Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia, which happens to be where a little film called “Dirty Dancing” was filmed. It tends to be quite chilly in the mountains in southern Virginia in November, so there’s comfy clothes, big stone fireplaces and all kinds of blogger fun. It’s a good time. Dixie Crystals happens to be one of the sponsors of the Mixed Conference

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I found myself with a cache of very ripe bananas the other day and wanted to do something with them other than banana bread, which is my usual go-to recipe in this scenario. So I decided to make a cake instead. I started with my mom’s banana bread recipe and played around with the ratios and techniques to make a cake batter. And what a cake it makes. It’s a sturdy, banana-ey cake that is perfect for slicing into layers for an awesome and unexpected cake. Then I was faced with the question of what frosting to make. I contemplated a bourbon-vanilla bean frosting, which I’m now determined to make, but in the end decided to go classic with chocolate.

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 I acquired a waffle iron last week. As you can imagine, there have been a few waffles consumed at Chez Morgan since then. Not Belgian or Liege waffles, but straight up, Eggo-style waffles. As a kid, I consumed waffles on a regular basis. So much so that my grandfather used to call me the “Waffle Kid.” As an adult, waffles are an infrequent occurrence. Every once in a while I pick up a box from the frozen section at the store and gleefully indulge in a few days of waffle bliss, but if going sweet for breakfast, tend to opt for pancakes. Probably because I didn’t have a waffle iron. Well, now I have an iron and am loving it.

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We have a few things to talk about here. First are my trendy hipster matte pictures. I’m always learning new things about photography and this week I learned how to “matte” my images, like all the cool kids are doing. It made me play with some of the editing tools I’d pretty much ignored until now, so it was a good exercise and I’ve finally solved the mystery of how to get my photographs to look like I have an extensive plaid wardrobe and will only dine in a clearing in the woods with a gathering of similarly attired folk. Snark aside, it’s a neat affect and can be effective. I quite like it here; how it enhances the the

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