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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! If you’re a parent you’re probably getting your kids into costumes and preparing to traipse around the neighborhood in search of candy you can later steal from your kids. If you are like me and still enjoying life sans children, then you’re likely watching the clock and strategizing your own Superman quick change from work wear to costumed anonymity for the evening’s festivities. My personal transition will be into a character from my childhood, a sly woman who traveled the world to appropriate valuable items for her own nefarious gain. And she did it while clad in a stylish red hat and trench coat. Do you know who I am? In further preparation for the night’s festivities, I decided

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All of a sudden it seemed like strawberries were all over the grocery store. I was, understandably, excited about this and it’s possible that I overbought. I was also pretty stoked when I learned that such a thing as “Tell a Fairy Tale Day” exists. I knew immediately that I wanted my photographs for this day to be reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and it didn’t hurt that I finally got to use the ring of old fashioned keys I couldn’t help acquiring… But here’s the thing. I love stories. I love fairy tales and fables and fantasy. So to really honor the spirit of  Tell a Fairy Tale Day, I felt that I needed to write a fairy tale

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I like traditions. I like the sense of history, continuity and connection that seem inherent in most traditions. That may be partially why I went to UVA, a school chock full of secret societies, tradition, history and community. I know, I talk about UVA a lot, but that’s just how it’s going to be. Wahoowah. But I want to talk about personal traditions. I find that most of my traditions center around the holidays and even more so around food. Every Thanksgiving, for as long as I can remember, we’ve had pumpkin roll. Every Christmas morning my brother demands his traditional Christmas breakfast called Easy Cheesy. Every November I host a “Friendsgiving” and every December I host my annual “Birthmas”

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 It’s December! I love this month! It’s a month of happy music, cozy fires and red coffee cups at Starbucks. And it’s the perfect time for some hot cocoa. There’s nothing like curling up on the sofa with a big fuzzy blanket, lighting some candles and sipping on a big tasty mug of hot cocoa, all draped in whipped cream and and marshmallows. All the better if you have a guilty indulgence of a book to dive into or a cheesy Christmas movie on the television. When I decide to have hot chocolate at home, it’s usually a bit of an affair that involves melting chocolate and whisking up a rich concoction over the stove…but sometimes I’m just not feeling

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