Decatur has a new soup, salad and sandwich joint! Souper Jenny, the successful Buckhead restaurant, has opened up a branch in the heart of Decatur on West Ponce de Leon. I’ve been hoping for a place like this in the neighborhood for years, so I was very hopeful about this new spot.




I discovered that it didn’t take long for the Decaturites to discover and flock to Souper Jenny. When I first arrived, the line was out the door. Waiting my turn gave me the opportunity to get a good look at the place. Those who haven’t been hanging around Decatur for several years may not be aware that this space was once a Quiznos, followed by a Pita Pit. While the basic infrastructure doesn’t appear to have changed, the decor is now a sunny yellow.


souper-jenny-13 souper-jenny-16

The line moved quickly and I soon put in my order for cauliflower soup and a turkey and brie sandwich. The menu changes daily and typically has 5 soups, two sandwiches (one of which is vegetarian) and several salads. There is also one daily “to go” entree.

Alas, while the line moved briskly, the table turnover did not keep apace, so there were a few people (myself included) standing aimlessly, trying to figure out where to sit. Fortunately, it was a beautiful, sunny day and my lunch companion and I just took our meals out to the tables outside of DeVry. While the seating issue could be problematic in foul weather, Souper Jenny Decatur has only been open about a month and they have time to resolve it.

The cauliflower soup was both gluten-free and vegan. Now, I’m the kind of person who sees “gluten-free and vegan” and moves right on to the next thing on the menu, but I’m a pretty big fan of cauliflower soup so I gave it a try anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. It was very flavorful and I couldn’t tell that it was vegan. I mean, it clearly didn’t have cream in it, but it was tasty.



My sandwich was really good. The bread was of a good quality and the turkey, brie, greens and jam all worked nicely together to achieve that nice sweet and savory combo. Kind of like a post-Thanksgiving sandwich, which is the best.



My lunch companion chose the kale salad to accompany her soup (also cauliflower) and I stole a bite. It was very good. The kale was tender without tasting strongly of vinegar, which is what folks usually use to tenderize the leaves. The salad was nice and tangy and didn’t have any residual bitterness. Delicious.

So I’m pretty pleased with Souper Jenny. The staff was friendly, the restaurant clean and the food tasty. The constantly changing menu threw me at first, because I’m a creature of habit and will order the same thing again and again. But this will make me try new things, which is always good for me.

I’m just so happy to have a good soup and sandwich restaurant and I’ll definitely be going back. A lot. Because sandwiches are the best food format ever. Soup is pretty good too.


Souper Jenny is located at 1 W Court Square in Decatur, GA and are open Mon – Sat.

I paid for my own meal at Souper Jenny and was not compensated for this review. All opinions and photographs are my own.