Hello Readers of the Internet!

Welcome to Peaches, Please! This is my ode to and celebration of tasty food. Very few things bring people together as the opportunity to share drinks and delicious bites of scrumptiousness.  I, personally, am a recovering attorney and the most recent installment from a family of food lovers. Seriously, at Christmas I’ve woken up from the mimosa and big brunch coma to find the food network on TV while my mom works on the next round of holiday treats and my brother reads a massive tome of a cookbook. That’s in addition to the cookbook on my lap that I was reading before the snoozing began.  I just love cookbooks.

I’m lucky enough to have all kinds of food influences in my life. My family is from the south so I have the heritage of biscuits and banana pudding in my blood, but I grew up mostly a hour away from NYC where I had access to some of the best restaurants in the world and, oh yeah, the cheesecake, bagels and pizza. There was also that 6 year stint in Wisconsin during my formative years…mmm…cheese curds. Now I live in Atlanta, Georgia, which has a great up and coming foodie scene. More and more interesting restaurants are opening and the city and surrounding areas are peppered with farmer’s markets. And then there are the peaches…

As you may have guessed, I’m especially fond of peaches. I wait all year for when the farm stands open up with baskets of farm fresh peaches crammed onto every shelf. It’s one of things I love most about living in Georgia!

So yes, you say, we get it. You like to eat tasty food.

True. However, I also love to cook. And bake. And then give people the food I cook and bake. See, for me, cooking for someone is an expression of love and I feel that sharing the things I cook with the people around me brings more joy and love into the world. So, if you take that philosophy to the next level, this blog is my way of sharing joy and love on a much greater scale.

To all you readers, I hope that my little blog brings a smile to your face and a lift to your spirit.

If you would like to contact me to pass along any feedback, chat about my philosophy of food, love and positivity or just say hi, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!