Asparagus Tart with Goat Cheese

Posted on Aug 10th, 2011

Hello faithful followers of peachesplease! So I have a confession. I'm having a super busy week at work so instead of posting a whole new recipe, I'm…

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Savory Chicken, Broccoli and Corn Galette

Posted on Aug 16th, 2013

Sweaty, panting, strips of hair sticking to the back of the neck, thighs burning - yep, that was me biking to the grocery store earlier this week. I…

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Shephard’s Pie

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2011

So if you have leftover lamb lying around this is a perfect way to use up the last bits. Like a lot of comfort food, Shephard's Pie is a British…

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Tomato Thyme Tart

Posted on Aug 9th, 2011

I recently acquired the Breakfast Lunch Tea cookbook from the Rose Bakery in Paris and the savory vegetable tarts caught my eye. They looked…

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Turkey Pot Pie

Posted on Nov 27th, 2012

Congratulations! You made it through Thanksgiving! And now, if you're anything like me, you are (a) sick as a dog, (b) about to hit your turkey…

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