Chicken and Asparagus with Lemon Pan Sauce – two ways

Posted on Apr 19th, 2013

Well, the very veggie challenge of 2013 is finished, but I'm still working on ways to incorporate more veg into my diet. I don't think I did a post…

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Chicken and Rice Salad with Mint Pesto and Peas

Posted on Jun 15th, 2011

  If you made the OMG Roast Chicken the other day, you might have leftovers now that could be made into yet more tasty dishes. Or you could…

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Posted on Nov 13th, 2012

There wasn't a lot of good Indian food where I grew up (awesome Chinese, but eh in the Indian department). I only discovered the joys of Indian food…

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claypot chicken-30

Clay Pot Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

Posted on Jan 31st, 2013

Here we are on week 4 of the Very Veggie Challenge and today we have brussels sprouts! Yes, I know, this is a chicken dish with brussels sprouts on…

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Cranberry Chicken Salad

Posted on Nov 22nd, 2013

So here's something exciting: today is the first day of the Mixed Conference for Food Bloggers and I'm super excited. I get to participate in a…

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Curry Chicken Pasties

Posted on Jul 25th, 2011

So I'm feeling kind of in to British food at the moment. I know, people are generally down on British food but I'm defying them. In fact, I am…

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Kitchen Adventures, or Peachy Chicken with Bourbon & Jalapeno

Posted on Jun 21st, 2011

  So while I was sitting at work yesterday, I was contemplating what I should cook next. I knew I had peaches and jalapeños in my kitchen…

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Lemon Caper Berry Pasta with Artichoke and Chicken Thighs

Posted on Mar 28th, 2014

  It all started with the desire to write a letter. Unable to find nice stationary at my house without the words "Thank You" emblazoned across…

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Old Bay Buffalo Wings

Posted on Oct 1st, 2013

As part of my prep for writing this blog post, I started looking back over old posts. I was going to start out with the whole, "I'm picky about fish"…

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OMG Roast Chicken

Posted on Jun 13th, 2011

"OMG?" What is this, Gossip Girl? No, I promise I'm an adult and fully write out words. Except that, when I tasted this roast chicken, I literally…

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Roast Chicken with Lemon

Posted on Aug 1st, 2011

Since I love roast chicken (and since my supervisor suggested this recipe to me), I made a roast chicken this weekend. It's actually one of the…

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Savory Chicken, Broccoli and Corn Galette

Posted on Aug 16th, 2013

Sweaty, panting, strips of hair sticking to the back of the neck, thighs burning - yep, that was me biking to the grocery store earlier this week. I…

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Sous Vide Turkey Breast

Posted on Nov 12th, 2013

Every November I host "Friendsgiving," which is basically a dry run of Thanksgiving with a good group of friends.  I make the turkey, gravy and…

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Sticky Sriracha Drumsticks

Posted on Mar 25th, 2014

  I live in cycles. I go on kicks where all I want to do for months is bake. Sometimes I'm just in to canning. Right now I'm into meat. Maybe…

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Thai Peanut Noodles

Posted on Jul 30th, 2014

"What the hell is fish sauce...and why does it taste like death?" - Monti Carlo, Masterchef Season 3 I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of…

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featured-image-turkey (1 of 1)

Thanksgiving Roast Turkey

Posted on Nov 15th, 2012

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Love people - cook them tasty food." This made me really happy and I especially enjoyed the timing of…

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Turkey Pot Pie

Posted on Nov 27th, 2012

Congratulations! You made it through Thanksgiving! And now, if you're anything like me, you are (a) sick as a dog, (b) about to hit your turkey…

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Turkey Tetrazzini

Posted on Nov 15th, 2013

Ah Thanksgiving. Family drama aside, the only thing better than Thanksgiving dinner is Thanksgiving leftovers. Seriously, I live for day after turkey…

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