My favorite thing I ever got to eat out of my college cafeteria was cornbread. I couldn’t get enough of it. My second favorite, which was available with much greater regularity, were the omelets. They were cooked to order, right in front of you, and it was the perfect balm to soothe the sting of an 8am French class during my first year at UVA. Since that time I’ve fallen in love with many delicious egg dishes, including quiche (good quiche, not weird scary quiche) and frittatas. Earlier this year I added the Spanish tortilla to the list. While at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival earlier this year, I attended a session called Pantry Punch and Emergency Bites. The

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I know, it’s still September; waaaay to early for gingerbread. But hey, I like gingerbread. It makes me happy. So gingerbread bars we have. I actually made these bad boys for a contest run by Dixie Crystals and Mixed, which is a food blogger’s conference I’m attending in November. It’s a fun conference. It takes place at the Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia, which happens to be where a little film called “Dirty Dancing” was filmed. It tends to be quite chilly in the mountains in southern Virginia in November, so there’s comfy clothes, big stone fireplaces and all kinds of blogger fun. It’s a good time. Dixie Crystals happens to be one of the sponsors of the Mixed Conference

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Finally. It is actually, officially autumn. What’s even better is that it’s starting to feel like autumn in Atlanta. Of course, that means highs in the 70′s and lows of about 68, but hey, that’s way better than highs in the 80′s. I can even occasionally throw on a long-sleeve shirt and not suffer from heatstroke. It’s that good time of year, and in honor of the first full week of fall, I present to you one of my current favorite comfort dishes: Slow-Roasted Lamb with Kale, Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas. This is one of those fantastic one-pot dishes that takes minimal effort and tastes great. It’s a complete meal with protein, veg and starch. It takes a while to

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I want it to be Fall. I want it now. I’m over wearing shorts and feeling like I have to shower 10 minutes after having taken one. I want the time of jeans and sweatshirts. I want to snuggle up under blankets while wearing flannel pajamas and sipping on a mug of hot something or other. I want the street to smell like wood smoke from the fires burning in my neighbor’s hearths and the trees to light up the sidewalks with fiery hues. I want stop running my air conditioning and to go apple picking and not get a sunburn. In short, I want Fall. That’s one of the funny things about living in Atlanta. Fall lasts forever, but

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