Fettuccine all'Alfredo, or Pasta with Cream and Butter Sauce
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  • 1 C heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp good unsalted butter
  • 1¼ lbs pasta (fresh is always better and there's no law stating it must be fettuccine)
  • ⅔ C grated parm, plus a little more for serving
  • salt
  • pepper
  • nutmeg
  1. Heat a large pot of salted water to boiling for the pasta. Remember, if using fresh pasta, it only takes a moment to cook, while dried will take longer, so adjust your timing accordingly. When the water is boiling, go ahead and add the pasta. Keep a careful eye on it, because we want it a little underdone. Firmer than al dente, so take a bite of it to make sure it still has that resistance in the middle when you take it out.
  2. In a saucepan (or pot) large enough to accommodate both the pasta and the sauce, start to melt the butter.
  3. When the butter has melted, add ⅔ C of the cream to the pan and stir. Let the butter and cream heat up until thickened, but not boiling. This should only take about a minute. If you have not yet drained the pasta, go ahead and do so.
  4. When the butter and cream have thickened together, turn the heat to low and add the pasta to the sauce pan, tossing the pasta in the sauce to make sure all the strands are coated. Add the cheese and remaining cream. Also grind some pepper over it and add salt to taste. Last, but certainly not least, give a shake or two of nutmeg (or if you are all fancy, grate a little fresh nutmeg over the pasta). The nutmeg may seem off the beaten path, but it is what really sharpens the flavors, rounding out the richness of the cream and the sharpness of the cheese. You'd really miss out if you skipped the nutmeg and that would be sad.
  5. Serve the pasta right away with extra cheese and maybe a little extra pepper available at the table. As a hint, if the pasta gets too thick and it feels like the sauce is seizing up, add a little cream to thin it out.
Recipe by Peaches Please at http://peachesplease.com/fettuccini-allalfredo-or-pasta-with-cream-and-butter-sauce/