I acquired a waffle iron last week. As you can imagine, there have been a few waffles consumed at Chez Morgan since then. Not Belgian or Liege waffles, but straight up, Eggo-style waffles. As a kid, I consumed waffles on a regular basis. So much so that my grandfather used to call me the “Waffle Kid.” As an adult, waffles are an infrequent occurrence. Every once in a while I pick up a box from the frozen section at the store and gleefully indulge in a few days of waffle bliss, but if going sweet for breakfast, tend to opt for pancakes. Probably because I didn’t have a waffle iron. Well, now I have an iron and am loving it.

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If you ever had any doubt that I live in the South, now is the time to shed them, for today I bring you that treasure of the Southern states: Pimento Cheese. Seriously, while somewhat obscure above the Mason-Dixon line, down here pimento cheese is used in increasingly inventive ways. The most common use is as a dip or spread for crackers, chips or crudité. However, you’ll see pimento cheese in restaurants as fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, burger toppings, stuffing for jalapeño poppers or chicken…the possibilities are endless. I’ll admit, I was a little wary about this when growing up. We were living in New Jersey and it’s not like any of my friends were eating pimento cheese. It took

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If you were a kid in the 1990′s, it’s likely that you watched an episode or two of Beavis and Butthead. It just so happens that I was in middle school during the three and a half years it aired, so I was pretty squarely in the target audience. One of the most memorable lines in the series stems from the episode when Beavis consumes massive amounts of sugar and transforms into his alter-ego: The Great Cornholio. He then runs around with his shirt over his head yelling “I am the Great Cornholio! Are you threatening me?!!!” Classic stuff. What folks may not remember is that this is also the breakfast burrito episode. Their friend’s mother offers them breakfast burritos

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Ricotta Cheese. Creamy, smooshy, dreamy homemade ricotta cheese. There’s nothing like it. There’s certainly nothing like it sitting on the shelf at your local chain grocery store. Those shelves are stocked with soulless tubs of skim milk ricotta which is a sad sad shadow of what ricotta can be. I used grocery store ricotta for years, but had mostly relegated it for use as a filler in lasagna or in the odd dessert. It certainly lends a lovely quality to pasta dishes and whatnot, but I never understood the appeal of ricotta as the shining star of a dish. (That’s right, Gordon Ramsey, the shining star of this dish.) I actually remember how one of the South Beach Diet “approved

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