Have I told you about my crazy love of corn dogs? I mean, I like a good hot dog, but a corn dog is just something else entirely. Juicy, mystery meat goodness speared on a stick and wrapped in sweet corn batter and fried. What could it be but love? I just don’t understand why Jimmy Buffett hasn’t written a song about them. Okay, to be fair, the mystery meat component sometimes lurks as a question mark in the back of my head, because I tend to like knowing what’s in my food. Unless it’s fish sauce. I have zero desire to know what fish sauce is made of. But seriously, sometimes when I eat hotdogs I can hear Joan

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I have a confession. I try to eat high quality, organic, whole foods as much as I can. I’m trying, really, I am. But it’s Super Bowl season – the season of chips and dip, chicken wings, casseroles made from buffalo sauce and Doritos… it’s all so tempting and awful, but amazing. So here’s my confession: I love hotdogs. Like a lot. And you know what’s even better than a plain old hotdog? A hotdog wrapped in delicious dough or batter and then cooked.


I always think it’s kind of funny that meatloaf is always considered such an American staple because I had never tried it until I was in college. It’s not like I had actively avoided meatloaf. It just wasn’t on our meal rotation at home and, since something about combining the words meat and loaf really turned me off, I never ordered it when out and about.  I also don’t eat Wendy’s hamburgers. There’s just something unnatural about a square hamburger. So the first time I ate meatloaf was at my friend Brian’s house. My group of friends from high school would all come home from college and descend on one of our poor parents’ homes to make dinner and clean

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A few years ago, I had dinner in Atlanta at a restaurant called The Floataway Cafe.  While dining there, I had veal and ricotta meatballs for the first time. I’ve never been one to crave meatballs, but these were a whole new experience: they were light, flavorful but delicate and utterly delicious. Since that night I’ve been haunted with the memory of these beauties, so I finally got my act together to try my hand at making veal & ricotta meatballs. The recipe for these meatballs comes from Chef Marco Canora and appears to be widely used by the denizens of the interwebs. Having now made them, I can see why. They are fantastic. So bravo Chef Canora. I love

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