This is Emma’s Header. She gave me permission to use it here. I swear!

I once read that, when introducing someone, it is considered good form to include some interesting fact about that person. For instance, “Hi Joan, I’d like you to meet Agatha. Agatha is from Oklahoma and enjoys singing in the shower. Agatha, this is Joan. I met Joan at Princeton when she was streaking through the first snow of the year, as was the tradition at the time.” Or, you could just do what my friend, Pareesa, does and make up facts about people when introducing them.

While that can be great fun, I will try not to make up any facts today, because today, Internet Friends, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Emma. Emma is from New Zealand (see? interesting facts already!) and writes the blog Adventures of a London Kiwi.

I really love the name of her blog because it’s like the first page of a well-written novel; it tells you exactly what you need to know about the book or, in this case, blog. Emma is a Kiwi who lives in London and she writes about her life in the city from the perspective of someone who lives there, but still takes all the touristy delights in the city’s offerings. (For all those Americans who may not know what “Kiwi” means, it’s slang for “New Zealander.”) She also reviews books, posts recipes and hosts a good number of guest bloggers, which I think is pretty neat. Emma also does giveaways, which are fun and I’ve definitely been inspired to jump on that band wagon.

I met Emma at Food Bloggers Connect in London and bonded over a train adventure. We were running to catch a train back over the Thames to the city and made a heroic last minute push to get on a train as the doors were closing. The conductor held the doors open and everything. We sat down, flushed, exhausted from the long day and proud of ourselves for catching the train and began to chat. About 20 minutes later we noticed that the train was taking an exceptionally long time.editedmap

After consulting with the map, we realized that we were going in the wrong direction and were a decent portion of the way out to Gatwick Airport. Ooops. We hustled off at the next stop, which was a little place called Merstham and it was about a forty minute wait until the next train. Needless to say, it took a while to get home. However, it did afford us the opportunity to get to know each other much better. We spoke about politics, food, travel, cultural differences and, most importantly, Doctor Who. Emma gave me the location of the one police box in London, so we’re pretty much BFF for life. (It’s a Doctor Who thing.)

Aside from Emma’s excellent taste in television shows, I was struck by her genuine curiosity for and the intelligent way she approached the world around her and how much pleasure she got out of the little things in life. Even this unexpected trip out to Merstham was an adventure and was met with laughter, not grumbling.  Her blog reveals these same qualities about her and really makes it a joy to read.

Here are links to a few of my favorite posts so far:

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Toastie Pies – You’ll have to read the post to learn what typical American food goes by the name “Toastie Pies” in New Zealand. The fact that Emma calls them toastie pies makes my heart happy.

Also, Emma told me that her most popular post of all time was a book review of a book about a homeless man and his cat. I don’t know which book that is, but I also enjoy her book reviews.

So I hope that you go wander around Adventures of a London Kiwi and that you enjoy it as much as I do. Also, keep your eyes open in the future for a Peaches, Please guest post by Emma! Cheers!