Vintage Ice

One of my favorite activities of late is scouring flea markets, antique markets and estate sales for food photography props. I’ll find pieces I love, find a way to fit them in what small storage space I have for props and get super excited when I find the perfect opportunity to use them. However, sometimes I’ll find something that I’m obsessed with, like the vintage double ice cube tray, but can never find a way to use it effectively. Those pieces sit in their spots, forlorn and unused. It makes me kind of sad, although there’s a moment of triumph when I finally get to photograph them. This week I got tired of waiting for the perfect time and decided

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 I acquired a waffle iron last week. As you can imagine, there have been a few waffles consumed at Chez Morgan since then. Not Belgian or Liege waffles, but straight up, Eggo-style waffles. As a kid, I consumed waffles on a regular basis. So much so that my grandfather used to call me the “Waffle Kid.” As an adult, waffles are an infrequent occurrence. Every once in a while I pick up a box from the frozen section at the store and gleefully indulge in a few days of waffle bliss, but if going sweet for breakfast, tend to opt for pancakes. Probably because I didn’t have a waffle iron. Well, now I have an iron and am loving it.

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Okay, I could talk about peaches, angel food cake, pastry cream, sugared almonds and rum, but I think those ingredients kind of sell themselves. I’m not sure what I could say that would get you more excited about eating Peach Trifle than just listing the ingredients, so let’s talk about something else instead. And because I’m the boss of Peaches Please, I get to choose the topic. So, Star Trek. Specifically, Star Trek The Next Generation, or TNG.  It first aired in 1987, when I was pretty young, but I have an older brother so, like Star Wars, Star Trek is part of my childhood lore. I grew up with the strong, beautiful voice of Patrick Stewart, the fire of

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We have a few things to talk about here. First are my trendy hipster matte pictures. I’m always learning new things about photography and this week I learned how to “matte” my images, like all the cool kids are doing. It made me play with some of the editing tools I’d pretty much ignored until now, so it was a good exercise and I’ve finally solved the mystery of how to get my photographs to look like I have an extensive plaid wardrobe and will only dine in a clearing in the woods with a gathering of similarly attired folk. Snark aside, it’s a neat affect and can be effective. I quite like it here; how it enhances the the

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