I want it to be Fall. I want it now. I’m over wearing shorts and feeling like I have to shower 10 minutes after having taken one. I want the time of jeans and sweatshirts. I want to snuggle up under blankets while wearing flannel pajamas and sipping on a mug of hot something or other. I want the street to smell like wood smoke from the fires burning in my neighbor’s hearths and the trees to light up the sidewalks with fiery hues. I want stop running my air conditioning and to go apple picking and not get a sunburn. In short, I want Fall. That’s one of the funny things about living in Atlanta. Fall lasts forever, but

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It’s here! Finally! That magical time of the year when food bloggers get to incorporate “pumpkin” or “spice” into pretty much anything we make! To kick of this year’s pumpkin extravaganza, I’ve made you some pumpkin panna cotta, sweetened with some maple syrup and topped with maple-candied salted pecans. Yep. You read that right. Maple-candied salted pecans. Amazing, right?  I’m kind of in love with this dish. The addition of the pumpkin to the panna cotta gives it almost a custard texture, while maintaining the soft creaminess of a panna cotta. With the aforementioned pecans to add a little texture and to cut through the creaminess with a little bite of nutty saltiness. It’s also a really versatile dessert and

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Well, it’s September and I’ve come to the conclusion that I will forever feel that the year begins and ends on Labor Day. Maybe it’s a side product of having been in school until I was 25, but I still think in terms of a school calendar and September inevitably brings with it a feeling of excitement. While I don’t have anything quite as momentous as the start of school coming up, I am a big fan of Autumn. Given that I like Fall so much, it’s pretty great that I live in Georgia where Fall pretty much lasts until (and sometimes through) December. It’s the season of hiking, sweatshirts, everything pumpkin all the time, Halloween, Thanksgiving, soup, apple pie,

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Chilled Pea Soup | Peaches Please

I grew up surrounded by books. I was part of a family of voracious readers and books lived in stacks on available surfaces everywhere in the house. While I almost never got toys during outings to stores, I could pretty much always count on my parents shelling out for books and I tore through them. Hey, I was shy and books were a wonderful escape from the problems of my adolescent world. As an adult, they are great for avoiding talking to those with whom you’d rather not engage. It’s like the international sign of “leave me alone.” And if someone feels the need to interrupt you, you can then glare at him or her and be perfectly justified about

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